Be The Gift no one will ever return.

Be The Gift has one goal. To ask Americans to sign up to save lives as organ and tissue donors.

Did You Know?

There is no cost to the donor’s family or estate for organ and tissue donation.

It’s fast, fun, and free – so why not? You can Be The Gift someone is waiting for.

100,000 men, women, and children are waiting. In less time than it takes you to click “check out” for your online shopping cart, you can help end the wait list for good.

The Greatest Gift is Life.

Donor heroes and their families profoundly change lives with their selfless gifts. Learn how they create miracles.

Hu, Michael and Andrew Whitten, Kidney Recipients (shown with Juliet Whitten, Living Kidney Donor)

Hu says, “Our family’s story is unique. I am thankful transplantation was an option for my brothers and I. We are a very close family and laughter always abounds when we are together; laughter that wouldn’t have been possible without our donors.”

Jonathan “Jonny” Wall

After a construction incident snapped Jonny’s ACL, he received a donated tendon to repair his damaged tissue. “My donor changed my life forever. Without their precious gift, I wouldn’t be able to build a life for my daughter and myself,” says Jonny.

Anthony “A.J.” Burgess

A.J’s mom, Carmellia, says “We have seen a major change in A.J. since his kidney transplant. He was bedbound before, but now he is able to do normal toddler activities. We can’t thank his donor family enough for A.J. having a normal childhood.”

Amber and Alexis, Liver Recipients

Thanks to their donor families both sisters are thriving as young adults. Alexis says, “I feel if it wasn’t for my donor family, I wouldn’t be here today.” Amber agrees, adding, “Thank you so much for our lives.”

Inspire a movement

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One minute of your time now could mean a lifetime of moments.

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